The TRAQC Team

Mariia Zhuldybina

Co-Founder and CEO

Mariia is a scientist and innovator with a background in photonics and electrical engineering who is fueled by creativity, curiosity, exploring new applications, and building solutions towards a livable future. She completed her PhD at École de Technologie Supérieure in 2021. Her research focuses on the design of resonant photonic structures for industrial quality control of printed electronics using terahertz radiation. She is passionate about bringing terahertz technology out of the lab and into the industrial sector.

Benjamin Dringoli

Co-Founder and COO

Ben is a physicist, technology enthusiast, and musician currently completing his PhD at McGill University. His research centers around designing, building, and utilizing state-of-the-art terahertz laser instruments for material science studies. He has an insatiable appetite for learning new things and his ultimate goal is to apply these skills in making a laser-based solution that can improve the lives of people across the world through technological innovation.

Justin Bourdingnon

Software Intern

Anastasia Mihailova

Software Intern

Michael Hétu

Electrical Intern

Matthew Albert

Software Intern

Manuel Trudel-Ferland

Electrical Intern

Badr Terjani

Spectroscopy Intern

Gabriel Gandubert

Spectroscopy Intern

Malik Ourzane

Mechanical Intern

Nicolas Coulombe

Marketing Intern

Laura Morelli

Spectroscopy Intern